GE14: PBDSB launches 44-point manifesto

Cobbold (seated second left) and PBDSB leaders display copies of the party's manifesto.

KUCHING, April 10: Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDSB) has boldly launched a 44-point manifesto ahead of the 14th General Election (GE14) today.

Acknowledging that they are just a small party in the state, PBDSB said it does not envision itself to form the next government of the day this GE nor in the immediate future.

Party president Cobbold John said PBDSB’s participation in GE14 is to show that it has the future generation and the future interest of the nation at heart. 

“PBDSB’s manifesto is with the purpose of ensuring that whichever party (is) forming the next government, it will be fair, just and above all free from abuse of power, cronies, and corruption. The next government must rule Malaysia for the benefit of her citizens and with regards to Sarawak to have a special place in Malaysia guided by MA63 (Malaysia Agreement 1963),” Cobbold said in a statement.

“PBDSB’s political struggle is only in its infancy. And we will continue to struggle for the betterment of the people of Sarawak. The forgotten Dayaks whose sizeable population in rural Sarawak should be given the proper perspective and development imperatives. This fact is a must-consider factor for Sarawak to remain free and fair to all her citizens,” he added.

Among the 44 points mentioned are to demand for the term “Bansa Dayak” replace “Bumiputera Sarawak” on all official forms in Malaysia, a comprehensive full review of MA63 and to maintain the freedom of religion including the freedom to exit Islam in the event of divorce or death of a spouse.

“PBDSB will promote and highlight the need to develop and prosper the people in Sarawak, a partner with Sabah and Malaya in the formation of Malaysia, within the purview of MA63, and in this GE14 the following issues will be raised to create a continued push towards greater awareness of that need.”

The party is also demanding for the state’s natural resources (oil and gas) which originally belongs to Sarawak.

“Petronas should surrender back voluntarily to Sarawak the rights over oil and gas and in pursuance of that, Putrajaya should return all the revenues earned from oil and gas.

“The Prime Minister post should also be rotated, with a maximum of two terms, among Malaysia’s partners namely Sarawak, Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia.

“Malaysia shall have a Deputy Prime Minister I from Malaya, a Deputy Prime Minister from Sarawak and a Deputy Prime Minister from Sabah as equal partners,” the statement said.

In view of the huge land mass and the urgent need to develop infrastructure networks, PBDSB also demands for more medical facilities equipped with sufficient numbers of qualified doctors of various disciplines and 60 per cent of revenues collected from Sarawak to remain in Sarawak to ease the financing of development for good road networks.

Rural primary schools and secondary schools must also be equipped with proper co-curriculum, emphasising on teaching of English for Mathematics and Science.

The party also wants equal opportunities of employment in the public sector for all races and religions, and priority of employment in the public and private sectors should be given to Sarawakian, while foreign labour should only be confined to areas where skills needed are not available from local workers.

PBDSB is also asking that the native chiefs and those appointed to the Native Court System be above politics and the Native Court System to be on par with the High Court and Syariah Court.

Others matters, namely, free education up to tertiary level, allowance of RM500-RM1,000 per month for every student, immediate assistance of RM2,000 to the immediate family of those who have died for corpse management and free medical insurance for every Sarawakian.

“We will also push for a monthly allowance of EPC (Special Needs Workers Allowance) of RM600, Elderly Allowance of RM600, Disabled Care or Chronic Care Patient (BPT) of RM800, Child Helpline Assistance (BAP) of RM600 and Disabled Employment Support (FFB) assistance of RM600,” Cobbold said.

In recognizing the major role played by mothers in the family unit, PBDSB also said every married mother should be paid with a special allowance known as “child care” of at least RM1,000 per month and also given a RM1,000 incentive for a new born baby. — DayakDaily