Fifth day of search for missing 3-year-old comes up empty

Search party members are seen stopping to catch their breath while hiking through thick forest and hilly terrain.

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SRI AMAN, March 8: The fifth day of the search and rescue (SAR) operation for a missing 3-year-old in Pantu ended fruitless although a larger search area was covered today.

Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) in a statement disclosed the SAR operation was undertaken by 70 people from various government enforcement agencies, including local villagers.

According to the statement, the search was divided into three sectors with a total of 22 people in each sector, covering a three- to four-kilometer radius of search area each, together with a tracking dog and its handlers.

“A four-kilometer radius of search area in Pulau Segak forest, the Kelingkang and Kawasan Batu Besar ranges, was covered by the search parties together with a tracking dog and its handlers.

“During the SAR operation, the search parties have yet to find any signs of the victim,” it said.

A search party is seen making its way through an palm oil plantation during the operation today (March 8, 2020).

The statement also noted that after a break in the afternoon, the SAR operation was resumed at 2pm and searchers in each sector were given new designated areas to comb.

“At 3.20pm, all search parties members gathered together at an undisclosed location, before heading towards the location of where the victim was last seen, passing through an oil palm plantation and nearby longhouses.

“The search party was again divided into two sectors, and each sector covered a three-kilometer radius area, whereby sector one is on the right side of the main road into the plantation, while the second sector covered the left side,” the statement read.

The SAR operation today was postponed at 6pm, and will continue tomorrow at 8.30am. — DayakDaily