By Jaythaleela K

MIRI, Oct 21: Telang Usan constituents should emulate Japan’s culture of excellence in their daily lives in order to progress.

Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau said this during a Marudi District Council Community programme held in Long Lama, on Saturday.

He opined that the entire population of Telang Usan needed to start practising this culture to enable the constituency, especially Long Lama town and all nearby longhouses and settlements, to become an exciting and vibrant place to stay.

“A culture of excellence involves almost every little thing, from the way we live our own lives to living in a community,” Dennis said.

“While the state government plans and execute them to bring development to Telang Usan from all angles, the people who belong to this constituency must also contribute to compliment all the state government efforts.”

He noted the Japanese have become the talk of the world for their high self-discipline and strong respect for others and their surroundings, compelling respect from visitors from all over the world and to follow the Japanese way of life while in Japan, including citizens from a country where this attitude may be a far cry from what is practised day-to-day.

Dennis said the local people cannot just leave it solely to the government departments and agencies to make their place of stay a place where their aspirations for a better quality of life, such as clean, peaceful and well-maintained surroundings with no crime and full of activities and progressive, come true.

“Without everyone’s contribution, even how small it is, we will never make a difference to our town or longhouses,” he emphasised.

Meanwhile, during the one-day Marudi District Council Community programme, various events were held, namely a 3R contest, colouring competition, fishing contest, and jogathon.

Also present were Marudi District Council chairman Edward Mendai and his deputy Simpson Njock Lenjau, Telang Usan district officer Baru Tai, Penghulu Desmond Yap, councillors and more than 300 participants. Dennis also urged the council to continue with their community-based programes which he think is well suited for the rural population of Telang Usan. — DayakDaily