Emergency timely to stop political upheaval amid pandemic

Lina Soo

KUCHING, Jan 12:  Sarawak People’s Aspiration Party (Aspirasi) grants support to the King’s announcement in declaring state emergency for the nation.

Its president Lina Soo said the declaration would stop the spread of Covid-19 and politicking among the nation’s leaders.

“It is the wisdom of the Agong to take measures to combat Covid-19 pandemic including an emergency where the lives of the people are at risk.  Infact, many other western democracies including Europe had declared emergency to stop the rampage of Covid.  

“The greatest effect of the emergency is to stop all politicking whilst the nation tries to manage this health threat. 

“Let us stop the spread of Covid-19 first.  Political squabbling and demanding change of government during the height of a public health crisis is the lowest form of politics which serve only politicians’ and party interests, and putting the people last,” said Soo.

She added that Malaysians can always change the government after the public health threat where lives are at risk is over.

“We can surely wait for a few months until the pandemic crisis has ebbed, then we can go for elections to change the government,  It will not be too late then, but lives would have been saved.

“Politics must save lives, not endanger lives,” said Soo, and reminded politicians to place people’s’ lives and safety above party politics.  

Soo believed the health crisis can be curbed within half a year with stringent measures, vaccine for herd immunity,  and the cooperation of the public. 

Meanwhile, she urged Sarawakians not to panic at the proclamation of a state of emergency by His Majesty Agong to contain the Covid-19 wave sweeping the nation. — Dayakdaily