Eatery in video not Stutong Market’s food court, assures mayor


By Karen Bong

KUCHING, March 16: A video of a worker using a mop to wipe a table and then mopping the floor with it while two customers are seen enjoying their coffee and bread without a care did not happen at Stutong Market’s food court.

It was claimed in the social media that the video, which went viral today, happened at Stutong Market’s food court.


Kuching South City Council (MBKS) Mayor Datuk James Chan said the entire physical setting of the place in the video was totally different from that of Stutong Market’s food court.

“First, the ceiling is different. Second, the tables and stools at Stutong’s are white in colour and round. They are unmovable as they are permanently installed, while those seen in the video are red plastic chairs and square tables. Third, the signboards at the stalls are different,” he said.

Chan, however, expressed grave disappointment with the action of individuals who posted the fake video.

“I am sorry and ashamed for those who posted the fake video. There have been many instances where people create and spread fake news for their own amusement without thinking of the serious consequences it will have,” he told DayakDaily when contacted.

The video and news that linked it to Stutong Market’s food court, he slammed, had hurt the business and reputation of the traders and hawkers earning a living there.

“As a decent human being, we should be responsible and must have integrity in our actions. It is as simple as that. Those who do such bad things should be punished,” he added.

Nevertheless, Chan stressed that MBKS was serious about maintaining the standard of cleanliness, neatness and hygiene of the food court and hawker centres within its jurisdiction.

“I have always advised the hawkers and traders to observe and ensure not only strict food safety and hygiene but also the cleanliness of the toilets. I regularly go down to the markets myself all the years.

“I told the hawkers and traders that if they do not maintain a certain level of cleanliness, who would want to go to the markets? Customers might as well go to supermarkets or shopping malls with air conditioners,” he added.

While Chan cannot determine the source of the video, which has spread on social media, he said some netizens claimed the incident happened in Melaka.

Meanwhile, Kuching South Hawker Association has lodged a police report on the viral, which they regarded as spreading fake news. — DayakDaily