Dr. Annuar: Comply with home quarantine order or face serious penalties

Dr Annuar providing the contact numbers of the authority in Sibu Division during his Facebook live session, today.

SIBU, Sept 25: Sibu Divisional Disaster Management Committee coordinator Dr Annuar Rapaee reminds Covid-19 positive cases which is under home quarantine to not break the order as they could be subject to serious penalties.

According to Dr. Annuar, under Regulation 17 (1) of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (Measures Within the Infected Local Areas) Regulations 2021, home quarantine breaker could be fined up to RM50,000 or six months’ imprisonment or both.

“We have received reports this evening of people going against home quarantine order. Anybody who do not follow this Regulations or order from the director-general or people with authority, can be fined up to RM50,000 or six months jail or both,” he said during his Facebook live session today.

The Nangka assemblyman said although the law is there to deter individuals from breaking it, the most important thing is to create an awareness among the community about the needs to help each other to stop the spread of the disease.

He said those who find it difficult to be quarantined at home or that their home is lacking in the necessary facility, they could always contact the relevant authority to be transfer for a quarantine at the low-risk quarantine centre (PKRC).

“Additionally, those under home quarantine can equip themselves with pulse meters to check their oxygen level daily. If your oxygen level is below 95, call us. If it is below 90, you need to rush to the hospital.

“For those with Covid symptoms, please go to see a doctor immediately as mild symptoms can sometimes become a severe one. So don’t wait until your symptoms become serious that you start to call the hospital,” he advised.

As for those who have been found positive but have yet to be contacted by the health workers within 24 hours, they are advised to call the following numbers; Sibu Indoor Stadium at 019-7074391, 019-7074365 and 019-8987642, including the Selangau Health Clinic at 019-8040684 and Kanowit Hospital at 084-752033, for necessary action.

Meanwhile, Dr Annuar also urged those who have close contact with positive cases to isolate themselves at home so as to prevent them from infecting others if later they are found positive.

“The normal home quarantine period is 10 days, and most of the cases now are asymptomatic. Quarantine yourself if you have close contact. If you have no facility, please call us and we will help you. You need to be honest so as not to infect others,” he said.

He added, on the Category 1 and 2 cases which is progressing to Category 3 to 5, the data is still being analysed and is not ready yet. – DayakDaily.