“Don’t you dare betray Malaysians”: MoCS on rumours of political shift in PH gov’t

Francis Siah - file pic

KUCHING, Feb 7: Movement of Change Sarawak (MoCS) warned that Malaysians will go to the street if the present Pakatan Harapan federal government falls due to a political shift.

MoCS chief Francis Siah also reminded Bersatu chief and Prime Minister Tun Dr Muhathir Mohamad not to betray Malaysians’ trust in the PH government which was duly elected in the last general election.

“I have enough of Mahathir’s political games. Today, let me say this to the old maverick and Bersatu: Don’t you dare betray Malaysians. We will never forgive you for going back on our mandate.

“To other leaders intoxicated with power, particularly a certain faction in PKR, please be reminded of the adage: ‘The power of the people is much stronger than the people in power,'” Siah said in a statement today.

He stressed that the power was with the people who voted PH to govern the country.

“The power of the people is with former Bersih leader S Ambiga and many other concerned and caring Malaysians, who, like her, love their country. Don’t force her and Malaysians to take to the streets to get rid of undeserving politicians to protect the sanctity of parliamentary democracy,” added Siah.

Siah was commenting on speculation that a new federal government would be formed, which would include Umno and Pas back in power. —DayakDaily