Don’t simply unzip and pee down the drain, MBKS mayor advises

Wee (right) together with MBKS councillors discussing some issues with the traders at Petanak Market.

By Karen Bong

KUCHING, Sept 12: Stop peeing in public or the streets when public toilets are accessible because it stinks, and the act is indecent, not gentleman like and creates unsanitary conditions.

Kuching South City Council (MBKS) mayor Datuk Wee Hong Seng emphasised that like spitting and throwing rubbish on the streets, urinating in public areas is also a nuisance.

“We can’t just build public toilets (everywhere) when there are some people who refused to use the public toilets which are at their reach.

“It is common sense that people should not simply unzipped in the open and pee into the drains at their convenience, even though there’s an urging need to go, when public toilets are accessible,” he told a live engagement with the community while visiting Petanak Market which was aired on his Facebook page today.

He was addressing this issue after receiving complaints from some women who felt uneasy and ‘unlucky’ to often see men using the drains as their toilets.

Wee thus suggested installing close circuit television (CCTV) at ‘hot spot’ areas to catch and fine the offenders.

Thus he advised people, especially men, who needed to answer nature’s call, to go to the nearest public toilets, instead of doing it in the open.

“Toilet is meant for us to do our business privately. So go there.

“I think it is not just about privacy and dignity but practicality and health. As part of civic mindedness, we should protect the good image of our city by keeping it clean and beautiful,” he added.

Meanwhile, Wee was at the Petanak Market to join a prayer ceremony as well as taking the opportunity to engage with hawkers and traders to get feedback or complaints.-DayakDaily