DNC condemns politicians behind attempted coup d’etat

Paul Raja

KUCHING, Feb 25: Dayak National Congress (DNC) has strongly opposed and condemned the action of those behind the attempted coup d’etat on Sunday (Feb 23).

Calling these politicians overly ambitious, DNC president Paul Raja said the ruling party leaders were working together with opportunists from the opposition.

“These politicians from ruling party involved in the plot are just politicians in a hurry. The enraged voters are paying for their blood over their broken promises and acts of betrayal.

“Rest assured that these unprincipled politicians will be buried in the next general election.

“It is totally outrageous for those being charged over criminal offenses actively involved in the take-over bid,” he said in a statement, today.

Calling it the day that the nation lost its soul citing bigoted, racist, extremist, greedy and corrupt politicians were leading the charge, Paul asserted that Malaysians had voted for a government that would clean the past deeds of a kleptocrat government.

“It is inconceivable for those in the past regime to come back to rule again through the backdoor.

“We also voted for a government that will rebuild our ailing economy, improve our education and restore the nation fractured by bigots, racists and supremacists into a harmonious and peaceful multiracial and multicultural nation,” Paul added.

Urging the people to remain steadfast and stand by the government they had elected, Paul said this was to prevent crooks from overthrowing the people’s choice.

He strongly believed that voters should take advantage of their right to vote as the opportunity to clean Malaysia of corrupt politicians.

DNC urged all peace loving, law-abiding citizens and civil societies to voice out their displeasure and contempt against corruption.

DNC also reminded Dayak politicians that the latter must make amends, remembering that they were voted by the people to serve them.

“This is not the time for you to rescue their political fortunes and positions. You will not have any other opportunity if you gamble the people’s mandate. You must stay on the platform where you were voted.

“Remember that Dayak voters are now much wiser. The younger voters are adding value to next upcoming election, be it state or general election. The Dayak community is tired of their representatives who only think of their own wealth. There must be an end to this,” Paul said.

He believed that Dayak elected representatives should work extra hard to build the community, provide all the necessities such as tar sealed roads, treated water, clinics, schools and telecommunications services including internet access. —DayakDaily