Civil Defence personnel reach Belaga settlement cut off by flood water

Belaga Civil Defence and health officers attempt to make it to Uma Sambop, Long Semutut, Belaga after the settlement is cut off by flood water.

KUCHING, Dec 22: The Civil Defence Department has made it to Uma Sambop, Long Semutut, Belaga through river transport after the link road was cut off by flood water.

Lt Walter Kajan of Belaga Civil Defence Office and officers from the district Health Office traveled to the affected area on a longboat to check on the safety of the villagers.

Presently, water level in the affected area has reached two feet high and is on the rise.

Walter (second right) advises the villagers of Uma Sambop, Long Semutut, Belaga, to be on high alert.

Some villagers have left their homes for higher ground but the majority of them still prefer to stay put in their respective homes.

They have been advised to evacuate to Bukit Pilau if the water level continues to rise to dangerous levels.

According to Walter, during monitoring, flood water in the village has continued to rise. As such, the villagers have been advised to be on high alert and be ready for any eventuality if flood situation worsen.

The water level of Belaga River has started to climb since Dec 19 due to incessant rain. — DayakDaily