Celebrating 30 years of MAGGI in East M’sia by honouring those behind the scenes

Marina Bujang, Christina Ngajew, Francis Then, and Hii Ann Neii. Photo credit: MAGGI Malaysia

As MAGGI® Malaysia marks its 30th anniversary at its Kuching manufacturing factory, the brand is celebrating how MAGGI® is Made by East Malaysians for East Malaysians. This milestone honours MAGGI®’s Sarawak factory employees, whose dedication and excellence have nurtured the brand’s deep connection with East Malaysian families and woven MAGGI® into ‘Cita Rasa’ of the region cuisine.

With three decades of culinary excellence manufacturing MAGGI® noodles in Kuching,
MAGGI® has become a beloved presence in the kitchens of 9 out of 10 East Malaysian
homes. Its 2-Minute Noodles, especially the Assam Laksa flavour in Sabah, and Ayam flavour in Sarawak, as well as the enduring nationwide appeal of the Curry flavour, have turned everyday meals into special family experiences, especially since the noodles are integral to East Malaysian cuisine. MAGGI® 2-Minute Noodles play a significant role in the local culinary traditions and hence, East Malaysian households also enjoy twice as many MAGGI® Noodles as their West Malaysian neighbours.

“As we celebrate MAGGI®’s 30th anniversary, we honour not just our brand but the people
behind it – from our Kuching factory staff to the entire East Malaysian community. We are
humbled to be a household name in East Malaysia, creating warm memories through
products that deliver the distinctive taste everyone knows and love. This taste, a source of
pride for MAGGI®, is crafted by the ‘air tangan’ of East Malaysians. They are the ones who
lovingly prepare meals with their own personal touch. From a comforting humble bowl of
tangy MAGGI 2-Minute Assam Laksa cooked with jeruk tuhau in Sabah, to a gastronomical
festive Gawai dish such as Bam-boo Sarawakian Ayam Pansuh that brings the family
together, this is what makes MAGGI a truly Malaysian brand, made by Malaysians, for
Malaysians,” said Ms. Ivy Tan, Business Executive Officer of MAGGI®.

This 30th anniversary is a celebration of the people behind MAGGI® — from the factory
employees in Kuching to the entire East Malaysian community. MAGGI®’s manufacturing
factory in Demak Laut, Kuching, Sarawak produces MAGGI® Noodles for East Malaysia. The factory, which provides jobs to approximately 200 locals mainly from Bako, Muara Tebas, Goebilt and Senari areas, stands as a testament to our commitment to the East Malaysian community.

At the factory, the MAGGI® family is made up of dedicated team members whose lives have intertwined with ours at various stages—some right after secondary school. Together with MAGGI®; they’ve celebrated life’s milestones, from seeing their children off to university to welcoming the joy of being grandparents. Each member’s journey mirrors MAGGI®’s commitment to our people, highlighting the enduring bonds and shared growth that define our brand and its legacy.

At the MAGGI® Kuching facility’s 30th-anniversary celebration, 11 dedicated employees were honoured with lifetime achievement awards, celebrating their three decades of service. Among them, Francis Then Joon Shin, warmly recounted how MAGGI has enabled him to enjoy a fulfilling career with an international company like MAGGI® whilst still living in his beloved hometown of Kuching. Thanks to the significant personal and professional growth he achieved at MAGGI®, Francis says he is able to provide a better life for his family and contribute to his community.

In a similar vein, Kahmisah Binti Laimi shared her inspiring story at MAGGI®, highlighting her journey from joining the company at 19 to becoming the mainstay of her family. Overcoming personal challenges, including caring for a sick husband and supporting a large family, Kahmisah’s resilience and MAGGI®’s support have been pivotal. Her three decades at MAGGI® have not only enabled her to provide for her family but also instilled a sense of pride in her work, reflecting the profound impact of her dedication and service.

“Over the past thirty years, MAGGI® has fostered warm relationships, growing together with us like a family. MAGGI® is improving lives, connecting people through good food and is a part of daily life here. I’m proud to be part of a company that is committed to upholding food traditions in a place we call home,” said Sacher Ezra, Factory Manager.

For more information, visit MAGGI® Malaysia’s website. — DayakDaily