“Can kah?”: Netizens baffled over local Chinese man’s alleged wedding to two wives in Kuching

A photo shared by 小安娜 showing the wedding reception of a Chinese man and two brides at a restaurant in Kuching which has since been taken down.

KUCHING, March 12: A local Chinese man’s alleged wedding to not one but two wives in Kuching has left Sarawakians and netizens perplexed.

A now-removed Facebook post by 小安娜 that went viral today (March 12) contained photos depicting the wedding reception hosted by the groom and his two brides at a local restaurant.

The caption in Chinese read: “Congratulations to the groom and the two brides! I wish the three of you everlasting love as you journey through life together.”


In the images, the groom and his two brides are seen pouring a champagne tower, cutting a five-tier wedding cake, and engaging in celebratory tosses on stage.

According to SinChew Sarawak, the groom allegedly operates a noodle stall at the Farley Mall foodcourt.

Several viral posts suggested that one of the brides is a local, while the other hails from Indonesia.

While many netizens congratulated the newlyweds, others raised questions regarding the legality of a Chinese person marrying two wives in Malaysia.

“How come? Why? Boleh kah (Can kah)? Gimana ceritanya boleh jadi begini (How did this unfold)?” queried a Facebook user.

“Can Chinese really marry two wives? In the past, it was understood that they could only marry one. Correct me if I’m mistaken,” wrote a netizen on the Sarawak Update page.

Another netizen wrote: “This marriage is recognised only in Sarawak. According to the National Registration Department of Malaysia, only Muslims are legally permitted to marry more than one person.”

“As far as I understand, as a Malaysian citizen, non-Muslims are only allowed to marry one person under Malaysia’s Civil Marriage Law. This means only one wife is legally recognised in accordance with civil law,” added another netizen.

Amidst this unusual turn of events, one netizen remarked, “In this case, let’s not wish them a happy marriage but rather wish them SELAMAT BERJUANG (perseverance) as a trio.”

Other netizens praised the groom with comments like “nang steady”, “mantap bro”, “lihai”, “Ok hebat, dia manpu, isteri setuju, on”, “Sarawak Boleh”, and “Ini macam baru betul-betul legend”.

Some even requested the groom to share tips on how he managed to marry two wives and asked for the location of his food stall so they could taste his noodles. — DayakDaily