Bung Bratak Heritage Centre reopens on Aug 15

Minos (centre) with other exco members during a visit to BBHC.

By Jacob Achoi

BAU, Aug 10: Bung Bratak Heritage Centre (BBHC) will be reopened to the public from Aug 15, but with strict compliance to the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO).

BBHC chairman Datuk Peter Minos said the centre has been closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which also forced the annual Bung Bratak Day on May 1 to be cancelled.

“BBHC will start receiving visitors and jungle trekkers from Aug 15 (Saturday), but with standard operating procedure (SOP) under the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO).

“Every person to the area will have their body temperate taken as well as their names and mobile phone numbers and this is compulsory,” Minos said.

He has earlier visited the centre, together with other BBHC exco members to dwell on the matter.

Minos, who is Kota Samarahan Municipal Council chairman, said the exco members also discussed to seek assistance from the state government to supply electricity to BHCC and  build a proper road.

According to him, the centre is now using two generator sets for power supply, which he said was costly to maintain, while the the road leading to centre was quite dangerous.

“At the moment, BBHC is using two sets of generation for power supply, which is expensive to maintain and service, while the road to the centre is through Kampung Tembawang Sauh road and poses danger to children when vehicles passed by the village to the centre,” he asserted.

Minos also said among the great attraction of BBHC is the 200-ft mountain waterfall, which the locals called ‘Ribuan Nowang’.

He said the waterfall is both unique and fascinating and based on information from the locals, it has the curing power for minor ailments.

He also said the waterfall is never short of water even during dry season.-DayakDaily