Bintulu health dept gets kudos from public for pandemic containment

Tiong (in white shirt) in a meeting with the Bintulu Disaster Management Committee and other stakeholders on Covid-19 situation in Bintulu.

KUCHING, Jan 29: Public confidence in the ability of Bintulu Health Department in handling the Covid-19 pandemic has increased.

Bintulu Member of Parliament (MP) Dato Seri Tiong King Sing pointed out that residents, businesses and even government agencies were praising the Bintulu Health Department’s decisiveness and quick actions in containing the pandemic in Bintulu.

“After seeing the efforts of the authorities, the public now express confidence in the work of the Bintulu Health Department under its new director and are assured that we can win this war against the pandemic.


“Many people have commended the efforts of the Bintulu Disaster Management Committee and especially the medical staff of the Health Department, for they can clearly see their hard work and dedication in fighting against the coronavirus,” he said in a statement today.

As fighting the pandemic is a race against time, Tiong, who Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) president, stressed that quick decision-making involving all stakeholders including the police, Bintulu Development Authority, Welfare Department and Armed Forces was important to reassure the people in this difficult time.

“From implementing lockdown, mass screening, extensive testing to the distribution of welfare and medical equipment to affected areas have been achieved with efficiency and punctuality.

“The people are very grateful to all the departments and staff that have poured their hearts and souls into fighting the pandemic. In protecting Bintulu, they have striven for days and nights. Their hard works have also inspired people to cooperate and contribute to the efforts as well,” he said.

Tiong, who is also Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to the People’s Republic of China, however, reminded the public to take their responsibility seriously by not letting their guard down and comply strictly with all standard operating procedures (SOP) to help flatten the curve.

“I urge all businesses to earnestly implement SOP in their workplaces. Do not solely rely on the authorities such as the police to enforce crowd control, especially in markets and supermarkets.

“Otherwise, we cannot blame the authorities for resorting to forced closures and sanitisation when any cases break out,” he advised.

Tiong also wants police to monitor closely and strictly control the issuing of permits for inter-district travel for necessary industries and sectors so that the privilege will not be abused.

“Lax monitoring of these permits would lead to a major loophole in the pandemic control. With the number of confirmed cases increasing of late, any carelessness would undermine all the efforts we have made so far,” he warned. – DayakDaily