Bau Travelogue Day 1: It’s a T-Rex! It’s a Mummy! It’s Paku Rock Maze Garden!

Rock formation resembling T-Rex with one of our fellow D’Diggers standing nearby at Paku Rock Maze Garden, Bau. Photo taken on May 19, 2024.

By D’Diggers Team

BAU, May 19: Dive into an Indiana Jones-like adventure at the Paku Rock Maze Garden (PRMG) in Bau, featuring peculiar rock formations resembling T-Rexes, a Mummy, a mermaid’s tail, a rabbit hole, a ghost’s face, and a skeleton king.

Upon entry, the PRMG offers visitors personality test-like encounters with the question of “What do you see?” and three options for every stone structure as it may look different to the eyes of every beholder.


Do the rocks look like the cavern in Mulu National Park or perhaps some ancient ruins? Maybe a rock valley? It’s all about perspective.

Who would’ve known that visitors, including the D’Diggers Team, could be so entertained by rocks alone—having spent over an hour arguing among each other about what each rock looks like and navigating through the three-acre land?

PRMG not only lived up to its ‘rock garden’ name but also its ‘maze’ reputation, as it is easy to lose track of your location unless you keep track of the shapes of the rocks.

Regardless, navigating the twists and turns of the karsts was a fascinating adventure, and for any geologist, it would be a dream to explore these unique formations and delve into the rich history they reveal.

Another rock structure resembling a T-Rex in PRMG Bau.
Rock formation resembling a ghost face or the head of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Further beyond the stony maze lies a stream, a mere 180 meters away, hosting a smaller version of the PRMG where visitors can feed fish with provided feed costing only RM2.

The journey to the stream is relaxing as visitors are accompanied by the sounds of nature while large hanging tree vines give a reminiscent feeling of Tarzan in the jungle.

The D’Diggers Team was not alone, as there was a surge of visitors, including a mother and two curious toddlers, a son and his elderly mother, and a group of young adults.

The young bunch, who seemed like fish enthusiasts, gathered by the stream, eagerly listing out the names of the wild fish and were thrilled to catch sight of the small creatures swimming along the stream.

This proves that PRMG offers not only its rock maze but also opportunities to get in touch with nature and its creatures. 

Fish feed is provided near the stream, costing only RM2.
Fish enthusiasts gather near the stream to spot the fish.

At the end of our return trip towards the exit, there lies a pond filled with a creep of tortoises located beside a Chinese temple, where believers can drop offerings to make wishes to the Tortoise God.

The statue of the Tortoise God is situated on the opposite side of the temple, near the Wishing Rock, the Window of PRMG, and the front entrance.

The PRMG does not impose any entrance fee; however, visitors are welcome to make donations to contribute to the maintenance and upgrades of PRMG.

Tortoises at the pond nearby the temple at PRMG.
Statue of the Tortoise God at PRMG.

First ever D’Diggers Trip commences in gold town, Bau

The D’Diggers in Bau trip is sponsored by the Bau District Office and supported by Tasik Biru assemblyman Dato Henry Harry Jinep, who is also Deputy Minister for Transport (Riverine and Maritime).

Today marks the first day of the 10-day trip, the first-ever D’Diggers excursion, set in Bau. Our journey commenced at 11.10am from Kuching, culminating in our arrival in Bau at 11.48am, taking approximately 40 minutes via the Seven Mile Road.

For brunch, we made a pit stop at Luk Kol Fook Food Corner for its signature tomato crispy noodles, a delightful spot nestled among the row of shophouses near Ming Ming, before continuing our journey to PRMG and the Paku Hot Spring, conveniently situated just 1.5km from PRMG.

Tonight, with the day drawing to a close, the D’Diggers journey will wind down with a lovely feast at the bustling Siniawan Night Market before going on another adventure that awaits in Bau tomorrow. — DayakDaily