Only in Bau: Tomato crispy noodles topped with crispy pork belly, char siew at Luk Kol Fook Food Corner

Mee Sos Special at Luk Kol Fook Food Corner, Bau.

By Ling Hui

BAU, May 19: Bau town is where one can taste delicious tomato crispy noodles topped extravagantly with homemade crispy pork belly and char siew (Chinese barbecue pork).

At Luk Kol Fook Food Corner in Senggi-Poak Land District here, this classic Sarawak dish is known as ‘Mee Sos’ (noodles with sauce) or ‘Mee Dawai’ (barbed wire noodles).


In a pool of velvety tomato sauce lies a nest of crispy-fried noodles, topped with a generous amount of crunchy crispy pork belly and tender char siew, that is simply inviting and delectable.

Mee Sos Special at Luk Kol Fook Food Corner, Bau.

According to 36-year-old owner Liew Shan Lip, the speciality of the coffee shop is roasted pork, which can be served with any other dishes, such as kolo mee and fried rice.

“The current recipe is from my wife. She marinates, and I roast. I actually learned from my mum, and we improvised the recipe,” he told DayakDaily when met today.

To make such finger-licking roasted pork, Liew said they prefer quality over higher profit margin, thus they do not cut down on key ingredients such as cooking wine to save costs.

Luk Kol Fook Food Corner in Bau.

Luk Kol Fook Food Corner, established in 2020, is the second coffee shop in the 36-year-old family business founded by Liew’s father, Liew Oi Sen and mother, Chai Mui Jan.

The first coffee shop, Luk Kol Fook Cafe at Jalan Ong Guan Cheng Bau, is currently run by Liew’s sister and sister-in-law.

About how Luk Kol Fook got its name, Liew said his parents had named the coffee shop after a chocolate powder brand from China.

“The Chinese characters also mean that it brings happiness and good fortune,” he said.

Liew (left), Ngen (right back) and Chai at Luk Kol Fook Food Corner, Bau.

Liew was a lecturer at the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) and Management & Science University (MSU), while his wife, Ngen Sok Tian, was an architect before they decided to inherit the business.

Luk Kol Fook Food Corner opens every day except Tuesdays from 7.30am to about 4pm. — DayakDaily