Basic infrastructure much needed in Kapit, says rep

Sarawak Legislative Assembly Sitting, November 2017

KUCHING, Nov 14: Bukit Goram assemblyman Jefferson Jamit Unyat is appealing to the state government for basic infrastructure development in Kapit.

He said many longhouses in the constituency especially on the opposite side of the Rajang River have yet to have rural roads, such as in Sungai Menuan, Sungai Belawai and Sungai Ibau.

He also said the majority of the population in Bukit Goram have yet to enjoy 24-hour electricity supply.


“In this respect, I strongly suggest to the government and authorities concerned that greater effort is needed so that they can be connected to the state grid to enable them to enjoy 24-hour electricity without interruption,” he said while debating on State Budget 2018 at the State Legislative Assembly.

Apart from that, he also said many households in suburban areas that are connected by road have yet to receive clean, treated and safe water supply.

He also raised up the issue of an alternative source of water supply through the construction of a reservoir dam in Kapit as part of long-term planning.

“An area called Sungai Benuang, which is also known locally as Sungai Sut Nikal, is a tributary of Sungai Sut in Baleh. It has been identified as a suitable catchment area for a reservoir dam as there is no logging activity operating in that area.”

Thanking the state government for giving focus to the development of the digital economy, Jefferson said the majority of people in the Bukit Goram constituency are still lacking access to information communication technology especially in areas that have low or no coverage for cellular, WiFi, or Internet services.

“Thus I called on the government to build more telecommunication towers so as to provide better services in various areas, namely Sungai Menuan, Sengai Belawai, Sungai Ibau, Sungai Melipis, Ulu Yong and along Batang Rajang areas.”

Meanwhile, Jefferson also brought up the longhouse community residing along Sungai Belawai comprising 15 longhouses with a population of some 2,000 people as well as a primary school, SK Nanga Trusa. In cases of emergency, the distance from Nanga Trusa to Kapit town takes about three hours by longboat, which could mean life and death for patients.

“In this respect, I humbly appeal for a rural clinic in Nanga Trusa, at the vicinity of SK Nanga Trusa to cater for the health care and medical needs of the people in the area.” — DayakDaily