Authorities urged to investigate principal for abuse of power

File photo for illustration purposes. — file pic. // Photo: Pixabay

SIMUNJAN, Nov 3: The principal of a boarding school here is alleged to have been consistently abusing his powers, causing not only much frustration among the teachers and students to drop out but also leading to the death of a student.

PBDSB Youth cited a senior teacher of the school in a press release today.

The senior teacher said in July 2015, one of the students passed away due to drowning because he was sent home without his parents being informed while many students had stopped schooling on the grounds of disciplinary problems.

It was also alleged that the principal has caused many problems since he took over the position and among them was the disharmonious relations between the school personnel.

The most recent incident that the senior teacher cited was that teachers and staff were forced to cough up money to fund an end-of-year dinner to be held this month.

It was allegedly that the principal had issued a show cause letter saying they would be infringing the general code of conduct (Peraturan Am Kelakuan dan Tatatertib 1993, Perintah Am Bab D: Kelakuan dan Tatatertib) if they did not pay for and attend the dinner.

The senior teacher claimed that about 20 teachers and staff who were not able to attend the dinner felt uneasy about this as they were being unfairly penalised.

The said teacher also produced a document which required those not attending to explain the reasons for their absence.

The senior teacher requested that the relevant authorities in the District Education Office and State Education Director clarify the content of letter which was issued to the teachers and staff of the school.

Additionally, it was alleged the principal had also collected money from parents earlier in the year without authorisation from the state Education Department.

Apart from that, he had also allegedly invited outsiders to the school without the department’s permission, where a controversial Peninsular Malaysian personality was invited to speak at the school.

The senior teacher emphasised the school needed a committed and dedicated principal who put the interests of the school above their own. — DayakDaily