At least 115 receive free prosthetic limbs Statewide through NGO initiative since May 2023 — Satok rep

Ibrahim (standing left) with Persatuan Pengajian Sadhu Vaswani chairman Pishu Murli Hassaram speaking to a prosthetic limb recipient during the Free Prosthetic Implant Charity Programme at Bangunan Pertubuhan Anak Seni Bandarsah Kuching today (Aug 23, 2023).

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By Wilfred Pilo

KUCHING, August 23: An estimated 115 to 120 people throughout Sarawak out of the targeted 250 have received artificial limbs through the free prosthetic limbs programme organised by Persatuan Pengajian Sadhu Vaswani, Malaysia, Yayasan Peduli Tuna Daksa, Jakarta and The Malaysian Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints since May 28 of this year.

In revealing this, Satok assemblyman Datuk Ibrahim Baki said 33 more people had registered their names and had measurements taken in the second phase of the programme today to obtain such limbs.

“The programme is for people from all walks of life irrespective of race and region. Those who are here will be back here again in two to three months to fit the limbs properly before using it,” he told reporters at a press conference during the Free Prosthetic Implant Charity Programme 2023 at Bangunan Pertubuhan Anak Seni Bandarsah Kuching today.

He said the 250-limb target for the whole of Sarawak with prosthetic limbs cost RM1,000 each will be borne by The Malaysian Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, amounting to RM250,000.

“It was a privilege to witness how they measure the limbs. The organisers have a lot of spare limbs for Sarawak, so they invited those wanting the limbs, during the second phase of the programme, not only for Kuching but the surrounding areas. So that everybody can have this artificial limb.

“The organisers will be moving to other parts of Sarawak, but we cannot announce yet—to somewhere in the central and northern regions. This is because the organisers have the allocation, and they want to donate,” Ibrahim said.

Earlier, during the same programme, Ibrahim handed over a cheque totalling RM650,000 on behalf of the Unit For Other Religions (Unifor) to the Sarawak Temple Association and RM50,000 to Borneo Evangelical Mission (SIB) at Rubber Road for their building extension and development. — DayakDaily