Aspirasi to Abang Jo: Remain steadfast to policy of rejecting Rohingya refugees

Apirasi chairman Buln Ribos.

KUCHING, April 27: Sarawak People’s Aspiration Party (Aspirasi) calls on Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg to remain firm on his 2017 decision of rejecting Rohingya refugees amid Covid-19 threat.

Its chairman Buln Ribos in a statement recalled and lauded the assurance made by Abang Johari back in 2017 and expressed hope that the latter will hold steadfast to the Sarawak government’s policy with regards to the Rohingya, a policy which has received unanimous support from the people.

In the wake of the heated discussion concerning the landing of more than 200 Rohingya refugees on the shore of Malaysia, amidst the Rohingya community spread of Covid-19 in Selayang, Ribos said that any new move or proposal to create settlement for any refugee, even if only on temporary basis must be denounced and censured.

“Sarawak must not allow any foreigner free access into the country in any number, be it in large or small numbers. Sarawak’s population which is only three million or less, must be protected from outside influences or any aliens who can come in to multiply their numbers.

“Any attempt to allow that should be treated as treason as it acts against the interest of every Sarawakian and is a threat to our food, health, financial, cultural and homeland security,” he said.

“If Sarawak needs to be kind, start with its own people,” said Ribos.

He explained that currently, the Covid-19 pandemic is wrecking the financial security of the local low-income population, and many households in the rural areas are also suffering from the loss of income and thus inability to buy essential supplies.

“How can Sarawak generosity and compassion on humanitarian grounds be extended to non-Sarawakians when the locals themselves are still mired in poverty and squalor after 50 years of so-called independence in Malaysia.

“Sarawak must continue to close its doors to refugees, as the Rohingya refugee issue is a regional problem which must be resolved amongst countries in the region.

“Sarawak must place livelihood and security for its own population above all else, so ‘jaga’ our border ‘bait-bait’,” he added.— DayakDaily