APM rescues kittens trapped in ceiling space

The two kittens in the ceiling space.

By Rantayy

MIRI, March 7: Miri Civil Defence Force (APM) personnel rescued two kittens trapped in the ceiling space of a house in Jalan Pinang 8 here on Wednesday evening.

According to sources, a housewife in her 40’s heard meowing sounds coming from the ceiling space of her house.

Feeling curious and realising it must be cats or kittens trapped inside, she immediately used her handphone to call for help.

APM personnel climbing into the ceiling space to rescue the kittens.

Three APM personnel rushed to the location in response to the alert call at 6.14pm, before quickly locating the kittens’ whereabouts and staging a rescue.

“We believe the kittens are about two-weeks’ old,” said one of the APM personnel.

The kittens were later brought back by the APM team to headquarters. — DayakDaily