Absurd for parents to oppose students cleaning toilets in schools — S’wak minister

Abdul Karim speaks to reporters while (from left) Lo, Azizul and Sahil look on at the 11th Youth Communication Camp organised by Kuching Toastmasters Club at Putra Sentosa Retreat Camp, Sematan on June 5, 2023.

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By Nur Ashikin Louis

SEMATAN, June 5: It is illogical for parents to be against their children cleaning toilets in schools, says Dato Sri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

The Minister of Youth, Sports and Entrepreneur Development Sarawak (MYSED) believed that children need to be trained to clean toilets whether at home or school.

“Sometimes a family that has their standard of living improved, would get all the cleaning done by maids or workers.

“That is why I personally think cleanliness should start somewhere and the best place is in schools.

“In the past, we know schools have rotation system of who is cleaning the classroom and toilet but now this practice seems to have faded away. It should be reintroduced,” he said during the three-day 11th Youth Communication Camp (YCC) organised by Kuching Toastmasters Club held at Putra Sentosa Retreat Camp here today.

Thus, he welcomed Prime Minister Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s call for Ministry of Education (MoE) to look into asking students to clean school toilets.

“Going to school is not just about acquiring knowledge but (learn) how to be a better person.

“If you know how to clean the toilet, at least you can understand being in the same shoes of those who clean the streets and cutting grass,” he added.

When asked to comment on some parents who are against the idea, he described them as “being absurd”.

“Any human being would need to go to the toilet whether you are rich or poor so you need to wash your own toilet. I clean my own toilet at home.

“(To those) who argue that the school is only for education, toilet cleaning is also part of education,” he said.

Amongst those present were Tanjong Datu assemblyman Azizul Annuar Adenan, Batu Kitang assemblyman Lo Khere Chiang, the Club’s president Chester Bong, 11th YCC organising chairman Sahil Singh Dev and principal facilitator Mike Lim. — DayakDaily