30 PKR Kanowit committee members resign en masse

George Chen

SIBU, May 17: Thirty PKR Kanowit committee members have quit the party effective today.

According to its now former chairman and former Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Lanang chairman George Chen, those resigning include leaders from its main body, women’s wing and youth wing.

“We are sad to leave after having with the party for a long time already but we are left with no choice,”he said.

Chen who has been in the party for 17 years asserted they were left with no choice and were sad to be leaving the party after having served for a long time.

He was among PKR leaders in the state who were sacked earlier.

“In the more than twenty past years, we have gone through good times and difficult encounters in our cause of action and the glorious moment was no other than the 14th General Election, when PKR has become the biggest political party among the Pakatan Harapan component parties, and in the first time of Malaysian history that we have gone into a “two-party-system,” he said.

However, he acknowledged that squabbles within the party after PKR’s Nov 2018 election had split the party into two factions, which had indirectly led to the downfall of the Pakatan Harapan government in February this year.

He lamented that it was disheartening that two decades of hard work, dedication, time and financial effort to build the party into what it is today, the new state PKR leadership and central party leadership not only did not value and recognise their input, and have chosen to carry out a “witch-hunt” by sacking senior party leaders in Sarawak who had made positive contributions to the party and the nation.

Chen claimed the majority of PKR Kanowit’s committee members could no longer tolerate being tagged as ‘traitors’, as most of them did not participate in the so-called ‘cartel’ behind the party’s internal squabbles.

He also claimed they had raised their concerns to the party’s higher echelons but it had been in vain.

“With the predicament that we have been facing at this juncture, we have unanimously agreed that PKR Kanowit’s elected committee members for 2018-2021 will leave all our positions in the party with immediate effect. We thank the previous party leadership for giving us the platform to serve the community as well as the nation. We also look forward to working together again once our causes of action are aligned,” he added. — DayakDaily