30-feet high ‘baruk’ to crown Bung Bratak summit

Minos (fourth left) and his family members pose for a photo at the summit of Bung Bratak.

By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, July 12: A 30-feet high ceremonial house will be built at the summit of Bung Bratak in Bau in the future.

Bung Bratak Heritage Association (BBHA) chairman Datuk Peter Minos revealed once funding is available, a ceremonial house will be constructed at the top of the mountain upon which is also the Bung Bratak heritage centre, and it will serve as another attraction for visitors and tourists.

“The Bung Bratak summit has a space of the size of a football field and is suitable for camping and outdoor activities.

“This is will be a highly popular spot at Bung Bratak once fully developed.

“When we have the funding we will build a 30-feet high ‘baruk’ (ceremonial roundhouse) at the top most summit of Bung Bratak.

“The mountain scenery from the summit is simply fantastic, where Mt Singai, Mt Serapi and part of Kuching city can be seen clearly in good weather. Tourists and visitors will love it,” Minos asserted in a statement.

Minos who visited the Bung Bratak summit today also revealed a new heritage trail leading to the summit of Bung Bratak called Heritage Trail Two has been found and opened up.

He disclosed that locals call the Bung Bratak summit “Robuh Guru” and the location was once used by Bung Bratak people for training in defending the village.

Minos pointed out the first heritage trail leads from Kpg Tembawang Sauh to the Bung Bratak heritage centre.

He noted that this weekend saw many people, both young and old from all communities, visiting Bung Bratak and described the large number of visitors as totally unexpected.

Minos observed that the visitors had opted to make the half-an-hour journey on foot to reach the Bung Bratak heritage and did not drive there as they wanted to exercise to improve their health.

“All of them wanted to enjoy the mountain’s fresh air and experience the “taste” of the jungle, (while) sightseeing the flora and fauna.

“By next month, it is expected that at least 1,000 people will visit and trek up to Bung Bratak on Saturdays and Sundays.

“Bung Bratak is getting very popular because Bung Bratak is the best hill spot around to improve our lungs and hearts,” he added. — DayakDaily