Zero tolerance for criminal activity, says state energy provider

File photo of Sarawak Energy transmission structure.

KUCHING, May 8: Sarawak Energy in a statement yesterday said that it does not condone and has zero tolerance for any form of criminal activity and will act accordingly as allowed under the law.

In the case of power theft and meter tampering, Sarawak Energy’s operations to curb this are undertaken in close collaboration with the Electrical Inspectorate Unit of the Ministry of Utilities and enforcement agencies like the Police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

It revealed that in doing so, investigations are conducted together with the relevant agencies playing a key role.


The in-house power theft team is often subject to threats and unwarranted complaints by power thieves but Sarawak Energy remains determined to curb this crime.

With regards to concerns raised on Sarawak Energy’s billing services and operations to curb meter tampering, this is addressed through the systematic checking of household meters.

Where there is a discrepancy, a thorough assessment and investigation on the case is undertaken which includes dismantling of the meter and checking for abnormalities such as missing seals or modification of its wiring. Additionally, lab verification is conducted to test for fluctuations in energy consumption patterns before final confirmation of results.

Should the customer object to the findings and need further clarification, Sarawak Energy has an established appeal process that strives to be as transparent as possible. Customers can submit their appeals whenever they are aggrieved, as long as they are able to provide documentations and evidence to support their appeal.

Those who disagree with the findings of the investigation may opt for legal recourse and Sarawak Energy will respect the court’s decision.

Sarawak Energy noted it is required to consider all appeals and submissions to ensure a fair final calculation. In the ongoing fight against power theft and Sarawak Energy welcomes any information from any member of the public and extends their appreciation to all those who have been forthcoming.

The energy provider also appealed to the public to allow the smooth execution of its projects for the betterment of the rakyat. As an example, Sarawak Energy is investing RM1 billion for reinforcement works in Miri. However, disruptions such as caused by the Miri Substation blockade are hampering efforts to upgrade the power system and ensure reliability of power supply.

Sarawak Energy is licensed to generate and supply electricity for the people of Sarawak, subject to the Electricity Ordinance 2007.

To meet Sarawak’s needs for reliable, renewable and affordable power, and to give the rakyat a more modern power system with better reliability, Sarawak Energy invests heavily in generation projects such as power plants and in transmission and distribution infrastructure such as substations, lines and towers to reinforce the supply network system.

As a result, Sarawak Energy’s 680,000 customers enjoy the lowest un-subsidised electricity tariffs in Malaysia and South East Asia and continue to experience improving reliability of supply. They are served by a workforce of 5,000 Sarawakians, who are governed by a Code of Ethics and have access to a whistle blowing mechanism under a Fraud Risk Management office. — DayakDaily