Young Bruneian cook conned by online `girlfriend’

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By Brad Rantayy

MIRI, April 6: Sometimes talking to beautiful strangers on social media might lead to the road of disaster. This was what a Bruneian cook found out, the hard way.

Yesterday afternoon, the 25-year-old realised that his `perfect girlfriend’ on Wechat is actually a con artist. He ended up not only cheated but threatened, too.


During their about two-month-long courtship, the victim made the mistake of depositing RM5,000 into her account and sending her something `extra’ — videos and photos of himself, naked.

Yesterday, their relationship turned into a nightmare when his `girlfriend’ bombarded him with threatening messages.

The “girl” threatened to expose his nude videos and photos if he refused to give “her” more money.

Worried and terrified, the victim, who often come here especially on weekends, decided to lodge a report at the Miri Central Police Station.

It is understood that the victim later received a shocking revelation — his `girlfriend’ is a man! — DayakDaily