Volunteer as an election observer to ensure a fair election, urges Rose

Rose is organising an Election Observer Training Programme on Feb 23, 2020.

KUCHING, Feb 10: With the 12th Sarawak State Election expected to be held soon, the Rise of Social Efforts (Rose) will be organising an Election Observer Training Programme in collaboration with Akademi Pilihan Raya.

The non-governmental organisations aims to organise an election observation mission during the Sarawak Election and to recruit volunteers to become observers.

“We therefore organise this training and urge citizens regardless of your background to attend it before volunteering in the upcoming state elections.

“We would like to invite all citizens from all backgrounds, in particular undergraduate and postgraduate students, private sector workers, members of NGOs and faith-based organisations including people who live in rural districts or in longhouses and others to join this programme,” according to Rose in a press statement today.

Rose emphasised that members of the public should play a role in the upcoming Sarawak state election and such participation is not limited to just voting, but also by volunteering as election observers.

“Their (citizen) involvement in elections can ensure a clean and fair election. The choice of the Sarawak people for the next state government should ideally be reflected through/by an election that is clean and fair.”

Rose stressed that the tasks of election observers is to prevent or report any wrongdoings done by any political parties such as bribery, treating, vote-buying, doubtful voters or double-voting, and activities promoting feelings of ill-will or hostilities.

“In addition, election observers will go to the ground and monitor campaign activity by the candidate or political party during the election campaign. If there is any wrong-doing done by any political party, a police report or SPR (Election Commission) report will be made.

This programme will be held on Feb 23 (Sunday) from 08.30am to 5pm at Lot 10 Boutique Hotel, Kuching.

Registration for this programme is free. Those interested to join this training programme should register by filling up the Google link form at https://forms.gle/XtQNTTp1781W18b19 or scanning the QR code in the publicity poster.

Those with questions or inquiries are welcome to contact Rose at 014-398 4998 or visit its official Facebook page. — DayakDaily