Users still experiencing PUS/HSO error despite MySejahtera announcing the issue was fixed

MySejahtera issued an apology via its Twitter account at 8.29am on Nov 7, 2021.

By Nur Ashikin Louis and Ling Hui

KUCHING, Nov 7: Many have complained that their MySejahtera app is still showing them as a Person-Under-Surveillance (PUS) despite MySejahtera claiming that the error has been fixed.

This morning, random MySejahtera users received a notification on their phone stating that their ‘Low Risk, No Symptoms’ status has changed to ‘PUS’ and they were placed under a 10-day home surveillance order (HSO).


Some DayakDaily reporters also got the ‘red ticket’ this morning. Our MySejahtera status was red with a notice for HSO at first.

Then, after filling in a health assessment form indicating that we have not experienced any Covid-19 symptoms and have not been in contact with any Covid-19 positive persons in the last 14 days, the status turned to yellow suggesting us as PUS.

The directions were clear. “You are not exhibiting any symptoms but need to continue health monitoring. Please stay at home or at a quarantine centre and practice physical distancing. Your health status will be monitored through this application for the next 14 days,” read a notice on the MySejahtera homepage.

No doubt, the whole process could cause anxiety, if not panic, for the sudden alert of being at risk of becoming a Covid-19 patient.

A Google search then revealed that hundreds of other Malaysians were experiencing the same thing — a false alarm!

Following this, the MySejahtera team issued an apology via its Twitter account on the same day.

“Good morning everyone — we apologise for the error on our part which allowed random users to be given HSOs/PUS status.

“We have fixed the root cause which allowed this to happen. All incorrect HSOs have been deleted, and incorrect PUS status reverted,” it tweeted at 8.29am this morning.

However, despite MySejahtera’s announcement, many netizens have responded to the Twitter post claiming that their status have yet to revert back to normal.

User @lily_hara said,”…I could not board my flight this morning because my status was suddenly identified as PUS. [Why] create a nationwide system that can go wrong like this?”

Another user @faiznazim said, “I have a movie (date) at 1.30pm. Please revert my status (back to normal) quickly.”

Additionally, other users have also claimed that the glitch has caused them or their family members to panic which also affected their mental wellbeing.

On the other hand, user @whoistashy informed that her status went back to normal after she requested help from the helpdesk via the MySejahtera app and urged others to do the same.

“My status went back to normal after I submitted a request to helpdesk. Seeing that a lot of people got the PUS glitch on MySejahtera, here’s how to get it back to normal.

“Go to the app, head to Helpdesk, scroll to K. Next, tap A, then A again and then B. It should ask for a reason after this; just say you have not been with a Covid-19 positive person. I got the email to redo my assessment in less than an hour!” she explained.

At the same time, Local Government and Housing Minister Dato Sri Dr Sim Kui Hian also posted on his Facebook page asking members of the public not to panic with regards to the matter.

“Many people have unexpectedly received HSOs from MySejahtera. It is a system error.

“Please do refresh MySejahtera as well as conduct self-risk assessment, self testing, self monitoring and self isolation,” he said. – DayakDaily