Use martial arts for good, not to abuse others or engage in gang activity, Tiong tells youth

Tiong speaking at the event. Photo taken from Tiong's Facebook Page.

KUCHING, Oct 31: Do not use martial arts to abuse others or engage in gang activity; instead, use it to develop discipline and self-identity, as well as physical fitness and self-defence skills, says Bintulu MP Dato Sri Tiong King Sing.

In a Facebook post, Tiong revealed he felt pleased to see so many young people, including children, participating in martial arts.

“I would like to advise and remind the teaching staff to expose students to a variety of activities so that they do not exploit their skills for personal gain or engage in unhealthy behaviours such as gangsterism and others.

“In addition, I would like to remind all martial arts practitioners not to use their strength to harm others or disrupt social order.

“Let’s not learn martial arts to be viewed as a powerful person and think of ourselves as “taiko”, but rather to form discipline and self-identity, train physical fitness and self-defence skills, and be able to defend ourselves against danger,” he asserted during his speech at the 2022 Bintulu Martial Arts For Youth, which was held on Saturday (Oct 29) at Boulevard Shopping Mall in Bintulu.

He stated that the time has come to provide children with more in-depth education on safety, and that one step which can be taken is to allow them to learn self-defence and take classes until they are skilled.

“Even though it is not a guarantee that our children will be protected from crime, at least these children are equipped with the means to defend themselves, preventing them from becoming prey for predators.

“Meanwhile, I propose to the Sarawak United National Youth Organisation (Saberkas) Tanjung Batu branch that they broaden the scope of the organisation by emphasising the martial art of Kung Fu in order to provide opportunities for the youth, particularly to exchange opinions and perspectives on the martial arts of other communities.

“I also hope that Saberkas Tanjung Batu Branch will organise a martial arts educational lecture so that the youth can be exposed to and understand martial arts,” he added.

Tiong, who is also the Dudong assemblyman, extended his gratitude and congratulations to Saberkas Tanjung Batu for its dedication in organising martial arts programmes and elevating the status of martial arts. — DayakDaily