UPP Pujut uses social media to tap into public pulse

Screen shot shows a post from the UPP Pujut Facebook page highlighting the efforts of Chai and members of the branch's Mobile Action Team (M.A.T) to help the needy.

MIRI, Jan 25: Using technology to touch base with the younger generation can be one of the most effective methods to do so in this day and age.

The Internet and social media have provided space and opportunities for the public to share opinions and information. In fact, it seems to be so easy nowadays to obtain all kinds of information or facts with one click.

An increasing number of people are using the power of the Internet and social media to approach and deliver messages to the public, especially young people.

Facebook, WeChat, Instagram and WhatsApp — one would be hardpressed to find anyone who has not heard of or used these applications to disseminate information or interact with others and the wider community, especially among the younger generation who have enthusiastically adopted them.

Taking advantage of this, United People’s Party (UPP) Pujut branch has tapped into this trend to reach out to the young people by way of disseminating information and interacting as well as receive public complaints.

For the past three years, led by its chairman Bruce Chai, the branch is often seen responding quickly and expediently to any complaints or issues raised through its official Facebook page.

“We are serious in assisting the public on various complaints that were posted (online) for us,” Chai told the DayakDaily recently.

His face appears almost daily in the UPP Pujut branch’s Facebook posts as the branch shares updates and their response to these complaints.

The use of Internet and social media have significantly changed how how certain matters are made known to the public and to manage their perception, especially the younger generation.

UPP Pujut is certainly heading in the right direction as their social media efforts have made for better interactions with the public. — DayakDaily

Social media.1jpg
Caption-DIFFERENT AND NEW APPROACH : One of UPP’s Pujut branch posting in responding to the issues raised on their page.

Social media.2jpg
Caption-SOCIAL APPROACH: Bruce Chai and the UPP Pujut branch Mobile Action Team (M.A.T) visiting the needy during their daily routine visit.