Two-year-old girl passes away from allergic reaction to wasp sting in Pakan

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JULAU, July 15: A two-year-old girl has died from an allergic reaction after being stung by a wasp on July 13.

The victim is from Rumah Saba Nunggang, Pakan.

Julau district police chief, DSP Andam Sulin said the victim was stung by a wasp after she followed her mother to the family’s pepper farm not far from the longhouse.

“A wasp stung her on her left ear and her mother was alerted by her crying. She immediately brought her back but could not send her to Pakan Clinic as her husband was not at home,” said Andam.

At 8pm, her father came back and rushed her to the clinic for treatment.

“A doctor attending to the victim said she was already very weak when brought in,” he added.

The girl passed away at 11pm at the clinic due to the allergic reaction from the wasp sting. — DayakDaily