Toddler feared drowned after falling into river near Rh Boniface, Kanowit

Longhouse residents are seen gathering on the riverbank together with police and firefighters on the first day of the SAR operation.

KUCHING, Feb 26: A one-year three-month old toddler is feared to have drowned after falling into a river near Rh Boniface in Nanga Geremai, Kanowit.

Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) operations centre reported it received a call regarding the incident at 6.16pm on Sunday (Feb 25) and deployed firefighters from Bomba Kanowit to the location.

Based on statements from two witnesses who were on the riverbank at that time, they saw the toddler slip on the riverbank before falling into the river.

Both witnesses also rushed to the location in an attempt to rescue the toddler but failed.

The location where the toddler slipped before falling into the river.

During the incident, the victim’s parents were processing paddy and were not aware of the toddler whereabouts.

Following that, Bomba Kanowit launched a search and rescue (SAR) operation which was joined by local villagers, but it was postponed due to nightfall.

The SAR continues today with a 2-kilometer search radius from where the toddler was last seen. — DayakDaily