Three rural primary schools, clinic cut off following landslide

A van perches percariously on the edge of a landslide along Jalan Antaroh.

KAPIT, Feb 7: Heavy rains across the state continue to wreck havoc on rural road accessibility.

SK Rantau Panjai, SK Ng Antaroh and SK Nanga Bena, as well as Nanga Bena Clinic here had their road access cut off following a road collapse along Jalan Antaroh caused by rain overnight.

The landslide along Jalan Antaroh which has cut off road access.

“Landslides on hillsides are not a new thing in Kapit and the responsible authorities should be more alert concerning the development on hillsides and in-depth studies should be done to prevent such incidents from recurring in future,” said Paren Nyawi, the DAP coordinator for Kapit, in a press release today.

“I urge the responsible authorities to rectify the road immediately.” — DayakDaily