Tale of 2 wives, chicken blood and an abandoned car

A file photo of the abandoned car.

By Brad Rantayy

MIRI, Jan 11: The mystery surrounding an abandoned car in Miri on Jan 8 might have been solved, but police are still investigating the case.

According to sources, a woman has claimed that the pair of slippers found near the abandoned White Proton Saga belonged to her husband, and so are the packs of cigarettes and a pouch on the front passenger seat.

As for the blood stains found on the car, she claimed they were chicken blood. But it is unknown how the blood came to be there.

The car was first spotted parked by the roadside of Jalan Peninsula, near Kampung Pulau Melayu and Piasau Camp, by residents at about 5am on Jan 8. When it was still there around 8pm on the same day, concerned folk alerted members of Saberkas and Piasau Resident Committees (RC).

A pair of slipper was found not far from the unlocked car, and RC members found a pouch and several packs of cigarettes on the passenger seat.

Sources said the woman claimed she had a quarrel with her husband earlier and it prompted him to drive off and left the vehicle by the roadside.

It is believed that the quarrel was over another woman her husband was seeing.

The car is currently at Miri Central Police Station. So far nobody has come forward to claim it. — DayakDaily