S’wak to play its role in achieving global net zero CO2 emissions by 2050

Dr. Hazland Abang Hipni

KUCHING, Sept 7: While Sarawak continues to develop its oil and gas industries, it needs to also align itself with the global energy transitions trajectory, which is to achieve a net zero of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2050.

Deputy Minister of Energy and Environment Sustainability Dr Hazland Hipni said this is for nations to achieve the Glasglow COP26 1.5°C climate target – to limit future global warming.

“This is the steepest decline necessary over the next 10 years – therefore, 2020 must be the decade of action to help us reduce at least 30-40% of carbon emissions over the next eight years as we embark on this low-carbon journey towards 2030,” he said.

To achieve that, he said there are six measures which include shifting towards renewable energy sources and productions, through energy conservations and driving energy efficieines, and electrification of existing fossil-fuels based machineries.

The other four ways are through the adoption of hydrogen fuels and as feedstocks for derivatives in manufacturing industries, embedding carbon capture, utilisation and storage approaches as part of industrial revolutions, and using bioenergy as substitutes for existing fossil-fuels machineries.

“However, this requires collaboration between private sectors, governments, and individual users to drive towards net zero targets.

“Governments can work together with private sectors to develop new policies directions to achieve these goals,” said Dr Hazland in a statement today.

Through government-linked companies (GLCs), he added that Sarawak can create enabling infrastructure such as hydrogen fuelling stations, fuel cell public transportations and EV (electric vehicle) charging facilities to fast-track adoptions. — Dayakdaily