SUPP to Dr M: Sarawak does not feel like equal partner to Malaya

Datuk Sebastian Ting - file pic

MIRI, Sept 16:  Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) holds that Sarawak does not feel like an equal partner after a year Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad made his announcement during last Malaysia Day celebration in Kota Kinabalu that the PH-led Federal government would restore the status of equal partners of Sarawak and Sabah.

SUPP secretary general Datuk Sebastian Ting said SUPP welcomed Dr Mahathir’s statement in Sabah last September 17.

“Sadly as at today, September 16, 2019, a year had gone past and the people of Sarawak do not feel that we are equal partners at all as per the announcement Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir.

“Conversely, the majority of our people feels that Federal Government continues to bully Sarawak government and Sarawakians as a whole,” said Ting in a statement today.

He said the proposed actions and statements made the Federal government and/or Ministers regarding the various issues since September 16 last year, have not seen or felt to be in the best interest of Sarawak and the people of Sarawak, citing the following examples:

i)  The proposed but failed amendment of Article 1 (2) of our Federal Constitution on 9th April 2019.

ii)  The immediate relocation of The Registry office of the High Court from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu via a letter dated 11th April 2019 ( two days after item (i) above ) and to take effect on 1st May 2019.

iii)  The funding and repayment for the repair works of our dilapidated rural schools, as per few statements by Minister of Finance.

iv)  Sarawak would be bankrupt in three years, as per statement by Minister of Finance.

Federal Government would pay 20 per cent oil royalty when Federal Government has the money to pay, as per statement by Minister of Finance.

vi)    Cancellations of approved projects.

vii)    Failed to fulfill election promises of 20 per cent oil royalty, 50 per cent of all taxes collected in Sarawak to be given to Sarawak people or Sarawak Government as per statements by Sarawak DAP leaders.

Ting who is Piasau assemblyman also pointed out that it is extremely important to reiterate that Sarawak and Sabah did not join Malaysia, as stated in Malaysia’s history books as provided by the Federal Ministry of Education.

“This was totally wrong and continues to be wrong.  Sarawak and Sabah did not join but formed Malaysia with the passing of Malaysia Act 1963 ( Chapter 35) in British Parliament and the signing of Malaysia Agreement 1963 in London between the five  governments : the United Kingdom, the Federation of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore.

“Most of our Sarawakians and also our neighbours, Sabahans, would want to know whether we are equal partners with Peninsula Malaya in form and substance, we all know the fact that without Sabah and Sarawak, there would not be any Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Ting who is Tourism, Arts and Culture Assistant Minister expressed disappointment that as historical facts of Malaysia formation was not recorded, not many knew of the meaning of Malaysia Day.

“It is indeed quite unfortunate that many Malaysians in Peninsula Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak may not be aware and or may not know the facts of the formation of our country, Malaysia and thus may not know the significance of this day.

“Therefore, we urge that all Malaysians should know our own history, especially on how Malaysia was formed in 1963 and the following four documents are important and relevant: Malaysia Agreement 1963, the Cobbold Commission Report, the Inter-Government Committee Report and Malaysia Act 1963 (Chapter 35),” said Ting.

Ting said SUPP hoped to see that Federal Government turn back to its original direction towards building a modern and progressive nation, fair and equitable to all Malaysians and in particular the partners of Sarawak and Sabah. — DayakDaily

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