SUPP dissatisfied with only 44 per cent MOs given permanent residency

Surgery. — DayakDaily file pic // Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

KUCHING, Oct 6: The Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Education Bureau today expressed its dissatisfaction over the appointment of only 44 per cent of Sarawakians Medical Officers who have been offered permanent jobs by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to be based in Sarawak.

SUPP Education Bureau Chairman Datuk Ding Kuong Hiing today said, MOH needed to be transparent over such appointments.

“On 5th October 2020, The Health Ministry (MOH) announced that 150 medical officers (MOs) who are currently on contract have been offered permanent posts in health offices and facilities in Sarawak, with 66 of these officers being those who were born in Sarawak. It means that 44 per cent of the offer for permanent posts are Sarawakians whilst 56 per cent were MOs from West Malaysia.

“SUPP Education Bureau hereby strongly expresses its unhappiness on allocating only 44 per cent to Sarawakian MOs.

“However, we would like to acknowledge that 44 per cent is an improvement when we compare the previous allocation which is less than 10 per cent. At least, the increment is an indication that MOH is listening to the voices of Sarawakians,” Ding said in a statement issued here today.

He reiterated that based on experience, not all West Malaysian MOs would take up the offer to work in Sarawak.

“In the event that there were such vacancies, we are of the strong view that Sarawakian MOs must be given the first opportunity to be offered such permanent posts in Sarawak which is their home,” he said.

Ding, who is also Maradong Assemblyman asserted that fair distribution should be 90 per cent of the permanent posts of Sarawak Hospitals be given to Sarawakian MOs as many Sarawakian MOs have not been offered permanent posts yet.

“SUPP Education Bureau hereby vows to continue fighting for the rights of Sarawakian MOs and to seek assistance from Sarawak Chief Minister,” he reiterated.

On related issue, Ding urged MOH to give priority to Sarawakian MOs to pursue their specialist training programmes in various fields.

“As such, priority must be given to Sarawakian MOs especially those who have passed part of the specialist programmes. These MOs need clinical experience enabling them to qualify as medical specialists eventually.

“We hereby further propose that in the light of transparency and accountabilities, MOH should give professional reasons (besides the reason of no vacancy) to those unsuccessful Sarawakian applicants as to why their applications were turned down. These MOs have the rights to know the reasons.

“MOH should also disclose the criteria of offering permanent posts to MOs on contract. As such, we are of the opinion that the MOH must implement its directive dated 16th February 2016 entitled “Makluman mengenai peluang dan tatacara bagi pegawai perubatan mengikuti latihan kepakaran melalui laluan paralel di hospital KKM bagi bidang yang berkaitan pembedahan”.

“This directive clearly stipulates that priorities will be given to those MOs who have passed the part 1 or part A of the parallel pathways for exmale, MRCP (physician), MRCPCH (pediatrics), MRCOG (obstetrics & gynecology), MRCS (surgery),” said Ding.

As such, Ding said, SUPP Education Bureau strongly expressed its support of the above directive as the most transparent and fairest way to decide on the basis of offering permanent posts to the MOs on contract particularly those Sarawakian MOs.

Meanwhile, Ding commended the efforts of Minister of Health Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba and Deputy Minister of Health (II), Datuk Aaron Ago Dagang who have met Senator Robert Lau Hui Yew and Deputy Chairman of Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) Wong Ching Yong in Sibu on Sept 16 to iron out problems related to MOs issue in Sarawak.

“A letter of appeal written by the parents of Sarawakian MOs on contract was presented to the Minister of Health. On the spot, the Minister of Health read the letter carefully and said “All considered done and tell the parents not to worry.”

“The parents concerned would like SUPP Education Bureau, on their behalf, to express their warmest gratitude to the Minister of Health and are looking forward to hearing good news from the MOH,” added Ding.—DayakDaily