Stop throwing plastics, food waste into drains

Yap monitoring the flushing of public drains by MPP workers.

KUCHING, Oct 28: Members of the public and traders are urged to act responsibly by not disposing plastic materials and food waste into drains that could cause them to clog.

Sarawak United Peoples’ Party Public Complaints Bureau (SUPP PCB) chief Wilfred Yap said this following complaints on a clogged public drain in front of Kota Sentosa Market.

“I feel very disappointed that clogged public drains are usually caused by improper food and plastic waste disposal.

“I hope that members of the public and traders will be more civic minded as we all have a common duty to protect our environment.

“Furthermore, a clean and hygienic environment would also attract more customers for the business community,” he said in a statement today.

On the complaints and request for assistance, Yap had immediately communicated the issue to the Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) and the blocked public drain had been cleared of plastic waste and flushed clean.

To ensure that blockage of public drains does not happen again, Yap, who is also MPP councillor, has requested Council officers to issue reminders to business operators to ensure that all food and plastic waste are properly disposed of.

Yap pledged to continue serving as the eyes and ears of the community and will continue to highlight and try to resolve issues or problems of public interest affecting the public.

SUPP PCB is always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone facing problems or who come across problems of public interest but does not know how to deal with it.

Anyone requiring assistance can always call SUPP Public Complaint Bureau’s mobile number at 016-7797688 or 082-246999 or go directly to SUPP Head Office to request for assistance. — DayakDaily