Stop labelling Undi18 group as ‘anti-establishment’, Tasik Biru incumbent tells Opposition

Dato Henry Harry Jinep

By Nur Ashikin Louis

KUCHING, Nov 9: Tasik Biru incumbent Dato Henry Harry Jinep has urged the Opposition to stop labelling teenagers as ‘anti-establishment’ or pro-Opposition following allegations that Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) is rushing its 12th Sarawak Election due to fear of Undi18.

“The Opposition is disrespecting the teenagers aged 18 to 21 by making wild accusations on who they are supporting.


“Who knows that the majority of these youths are supportive of the ruling government because it has taken care of the people’s wellbeing in terms of welfare and health?

“The GPS government did not wait for the allocations from the federal government when it comes to taking care of the people’s welfare. This is simply evident and the Undi18 group are definitely aware of this,” he told the press today.

Henry expressed his belief that the Undi18 group, upon voting, would side with GPS after witnessing the development it brought especially in rural areas, throughout its time as the State government.

“The youths would want the development to continue… When they step outside, the roads are all tarred. When they visit the kampung, the whole area is equipped with electricity supply. When they turn on the pipes, there is water supply. These things are what they want,” he added.

He also said claims that GPS was afraid of Undi18 was used as a political tool by the Opposition to gain political mileage.

Henry asserted the Opposition never brought development to the people of Sarawak especially during the time when they were part of the government.

Henry also said GPS had to rush its State polls because it needs to seek a new mandate from the people as the Sarawak Legislative Assembly’s term was supposed to expire in June 2021, in addition to concerns over the emergence of new Covid-19 variants. — DayakDaily