Sri Aman youth want devt programmes, says PRS Youth deputy chief

Surai (second right)and PRS Youth members holding GPS flags in a show of support for Doris at a longhouse in Engkramut, Sri Aman.

By Wilfred Pilo

SRI AMAN, Nov 15: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Youth deputy chief Surai Abell asserts that locals want rapid youth development from the P202 Sri Aman representative.

“At this juncture, we feel that our youth development programmes have come to a halt after the Sri Aman Member of Parliament left PRS to join PSB (Parti Sarawak Bersatu) and is now an independent candidate.

“We lost three years of youth development in Sri Aman after the Member of Parliament left us,” he told DayakDaily today.

“If not because of this, many federal government programmes could have been developed in P202 Sri Aman parliamentary constituency.

Surai, who is PRS Simangang’s main branch secretary, lamented that the youth of Sri Aman feel sorry as to what had happened, and he hoped that it would not happen again.

“We missed all the programmes, and we don’t want this to happen again in the next five years. We have had enough and we lost a lot,” he added.

Surai said that Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) candidate for P202 Sri Aman Dato Sri Doris Sophia Brodi, who is also the PRS Women chief, is a woman of substance, and had been proven to be someone who cares about the voice of the Sri Aman youth.

He shared that when Doris was a Senator and he was a member of the Malaysian Youth Parliament, she was one of those who always asked about problems faced by local youth in Sri Aman.

“Doris always gives us ideas and advice, regarding the economic development of our youth in Sri Aman.

“Here we can see her high commitment and her seriousness in providing more for youth development in Sri Aman.

“As a native of Sri Aman, Doris always talks about our youth in Sri Aman and hopes they will be successful in the field of business, education, sports and academics.

“She (Doris) would always encourage our youth to put Sri Aman on the world map.

“Our youth in Sri Aman support Doris, and we will give Doris the mandate on Nov 19 because we believe she is committed to providing youth development in Sri Aman.” — DayakDaily