Special police team formed to probe university student’s death near Petanak in Kuching

ACP Ahsmon Bajah

KUCHING, Oct 27: A special investigation team has been formed to conduct an in-depth investigation into a 24-year-old university student’s death at an entertainment centre near Petanak area in the early hours of Oct 15.

Kuching District Police Chief ACP Ahsmon Bajah has affirmed that the ongoing police investigation is diligently pursuing all conceivable aspects and possibilities.

“Upon the conclusion of our investigation, an investigation report will be submitted to the Sarawak Attorney General Department for inquest recommendations,” he said in a statement today.

Ahsmon strongly advised the public against making any speculations, assumptions or expressing views that could impede the ongoing investigation.

Individuals with pertinent information are urged to relay it to the investigation officer ASP Joshua Masing at 017-9542048 or the IPD Kuching Control Centre at 082-244444 or visit the nearest police station.

Meanwhile, Stampin MP Chong Chieng Jen brought this issue to the attention of the Parliament on Oct 25, calling for an extensive investigation after the case had been classified as a “sudden death report” (SDR) with no apparent criminal involvement.

However, the family who approached Chong for assistance revealed that a urine rapid test on the deceased detected traces of three drugs, including methamphetamine (commonly known as ice), ecstasy, and cotinine, two of which are prohibited substances in Malaysia.

Furthermore, discrepancies have arisen regarding the circumstances of her demise. Initially, a Chinese daily reported that the young woman had died within an entertainment establishment, and a police statement later contradicted this, stating that her body was discovered on the roadside near an entertainment venue and was declared deceased while en route to the hospital.

“Who was the last person with the girl before she died? What was the cause of her death? Was she induced into taking the drugs, forced to take the drugs, or voluntarily taking the drugs?

“Given that she is still a university student back in Kuching for holidays, where did she get the drugs? Did she die in the entertainment outlet (as first reported), or did she die by the roadside, as reported by the police?” Chong raised this in Parliament.

Chong has demanded a thorough investigation if the police force is serious about combating drug issues, which have been on the rise in the last two years in Kuching and Sarawak, instead of closing this case prematurely.

He also urged the police to intensify their efforts to combat drug abuses, not only in Kuching but throughout Sarawak. — DayakDaily