Soo calls Chong out on his ‘New Year joke’


By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, Jan 2: State Reform Party Sarawak (Star) president Lina Soo called Chong Chieng Jen’s New Year aspiration for PH a joke.

She believed the three tasks which the Pakatan Harapan chairman mentioned in his New Year’s message were unrealistic and unachievable.

“What YB Chong is saying is not smart at all. It is not achievable. Can they do it in 2020? Are they going to deliver it by Dec this year?” she asked.

She claimed that after one-and-a-half years since PH government had come into power, they had yet to fulfill their promises to the people.

Among those promises was the recognition of the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), as well as the promise of 20 per cent oil royalty and the return of 50 per cent revenue from taxes derived from Sarawak.

“Can YB Chong answer when?

“This is a joke, and it is a very bad joke,” she observed.

Soo stated that the Democratic Action Party (DAP) had turned to using racial polarisation to gain support, adding that it was a Chinese-based party which fought for the Chinese people, referring to the recently cancelled Dong Jiao Zong event to discuss the implementation of a Jawi calligraphy module in vernacular schools.

The third point Soo observed was that the country’s economy had become worse after the PH government came into power. She cited that among the failures of the PH government were its pledge to provide more jobs, when she observed that people were actually losing them.

In terms of the global economy, Soo added the ringgit ha depreciated against the US dollar and that the country’s national debt had increased. With the federal government’s moves to borrow money from Japan in the form of Samurai bonds, she observed that it created more debts.

She believed that Star’s aspirations were more realistic and achievable by comparison, as they were set within achievable goals with a timeline including a starting date and a target date.

“Sarawakians must start loving ourselves and not continue to remain in a situation where we are subjected to domination, exploitation and subjugation,” Soo said. —DayakDaily