Soaring Covid-19 infections put 12 longhouses under lockdown

Rumah Benjamin which is one of the longhouses under lockdown.

KANOWIT, Jan 21: As many as 12 longhouses here have to be placed under lockdown as Covid-19 positive cases continue to soar arising from the Pasai Cluster.

The lockdown is for two weeks with each longhouse starting from a different date.

The 12 longhouses included Rumah Benjamin, Rumah Jelani, Rumah Tibu, Rumah Maria Bukong, Rumah Roma, Rumah Anthony Ikus, Rumah Dim,Rumah Engkulau, Rumah Katerina, Rumah Manggie, Rumah Samsudin, and Rumah Lee Kok Sing.


Prior to the explosion of positive case on Jan 8 from the Pasai Cluster, Kanowit district had zero cases. However, as at Jan 20, it had recorded 87 cases, with one death. Kanowit together with Sibu and Selangau are the three districts in the state under two-week of MCO from Jan 16 to 29.

Kanowit district police chief, Supt Tega Bilong today advised the people to keep calm and not to panic with the spike in cases as these longhouses had been placed under lockdown.

During the lockdown, all longhouses are guarded by two Rela members each. The police would make regular patroling to these 12 longhouses.

“We want community leaders and head of Village Development committee to help monitor their respective longhouses also. This is to ensure that no residents will venture out,” he said.

Supt Tega said while under lockdown, the residents are given food and drink while those who need medical supplies could submit their name to the Rela members where the police would send them to Kanowit Hospital to receive the necessary treatment.

“As BPN is out today (Jan 21), I urge the recipients to postpone going to the bank to cash it,” he said.

Supt Tega who is under two-week of home quarantine from Jan 17, warned the people that the police would not compromise on MCO violators.

“We have tightened the SOPs and are no longer giving warning to those who defy the MCO. We will do compounding action from now on,” he warned.

The police had also closed the two exit points as inter-district travel is prohibited during the MCO period.

The two exit points are at the Majau Bridge and the Durin-Kanowit Bridge. -DayakDaily