Six areas in Belaga flooded as water levels rise following heavy rainfall

Residents are seen gathering their property after their longhouse was hit by flood.

KUCHING, Feb 5: Six areas in Belaga were flooded as water levels rose following heavy rainfall.

According to a report from Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) operations centre today, they received reporta regarding the situation at 10am, informing that the affected areas comprised Long Kajang, Long Abiy, Long Urun, Long Unai, Long Magan and Lusong Laku.

“Road connectivity was also cut off in Long Magan and Lusong Laku due to landslide,” it said.

The condition of the road that was cut off due to a landslide.

Initially, a monitoring team consisting of members of the District Disaster Committee gathered in Belaga District police headquarter (IPD) to be despatched to the location.

However, due to the road connectivity getting cut off, their trip was postponed until further notice.

A meeting will also be held at 2pm today between the police and monitoring team at Belaga District Office regarding the matter. — DayakDaily