Sibu Municipal Council cracks down on illegal advertisements

An enforcement officer removing illegal advertisement banners from a street pole in Sibu.

SIBU, May 16: Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) is actively combating illegal advertisements within its administrative area, having removed a total of 62 illegal ads.

The enforcement operations were led by SMC Deputy Chairman, Councilor Mohammed Abdullah Izkandar Roseley, who reported that several operations were conducted on May 14 to address public complaints about these ads.

“We have taken down 29 illegal advertisements during several operations following public complaints. Most of them are ‘fishtail’ advertisements of illegal moneylenders. Operations have been carried out around Pusat Tanah Wang, Lebuh Tanahmas, and Jln Luku,” he said today.


Izkandar stated that the operation continued the next day (May 15), targeting areas including Jalan Delta, Jalan Bunga Normah, Jalan Perpaduan, Jalan Kampung Datu Baru, Jalan Ria, Jalan Cempaka, Jalan Rose, and Jalan Market.

“In yesterday’s operation (May 15), a total of 33 illegal advertisements were taken down by the SMC enforcement team. Most of these illegal advertisements were also from illegal moneylenders,” he added.

Previously, SMC had issued a warning that any illegal advertisement would be removed in accordance with the provisions of the Local Authorities (Advertising) Bylaw 2012.

Under this provision, SMC can take down and confiscate any illegal billboards installed within its administrative area.

He noted that owners of illegal advertisements could be fined up to RM1,000.

“The act of putting up these illegal advertising signs at road intersections can obstruct and disturb the view, as well as endanger road users. Therefore, SMC will take enforcement action against any illegal billboards in its administrative area, especially at road junctions that obstruct and disturb the view, as well as endanger road users,” he said. — DayakDaily