Sibu motorists caught littering on camera face RM500 fine, vehicle confiscation

Ting (third right) shakes hands with the motorist after the latter settled the fine.

By William Isau

SIBU, April 9: Sibu motorists will face a fine of RM500 and could get their vehicles confiscated if caught littering in public, warns Sibu Municipal Council (SMC).

“SMC Enforcement will knock on your door, serve you a RM500 fine and you face the risk of getting your vehicle confiscated if you are caught committing such offence on video or photo of disposing rubbish indiscriminately in public,” said SMC deputy chairman Mohammed Abdullah Izkandar Roseley today.

He urged residents to be responsible citizens as the council meant business when it comes to keeping Sibu clean.

He added that the council can trace offenders through their the vehicle registration number.

Mohammed Abdullah Izkandar said this after a motorist was fined RM500 today. A 12-second video of the man discarding rubbish through the window of his four-wheel drive vehicle was uploaded to the Facebook page of SMC chairman Clarence Ting on Friday (April 7). A member of the public had sent the video directly to Ting to lodge a complaint.

The driver was subsequently summoned to the SMC’s office where he settled the fine. — DayakDaily