Hoteliers shy away from registering premises as quarantine hubs

Johnny Wong

SIBU, Dec 10: Hotel operators here are not eager to register their premises as Covid-19 quarantined centre as they could not derive business from it.

“No doubt that I agree with Senator Robert Lau who urged hotel operators to register their premises as quarantine centre. But the point is his appeal is not worthwhile as not many locals who are working outstation want to come back due the long period of quarantine,” said Johnny Wong, chairman of Sarawak Central Region Hotel Association Johnny Wong today.

He said if more hotels apply to be a quarantine centre, they would not have much business to do since people either local or tourists are not flying in here in drove.


On Tuesday, Lau wanted more hotels served as quarantine centre as currently there is only one hotel in Sibu that serves as a quarantine center for those arriving from Sabah, while those arriving from Kuala Lumpur are directed to quarantine at home.

“If we look at the whole of Sarawak, only Sibu has one hotel as a quarantine center, compared to 14 in Kuching and 5 in Bintulu. “Therefore, a hotel with a capacity of 150 rooms is not enough because every plane that arrives in Sibu will bring in about 150 people,” he was quoted as saying.

According to Wong, locals prefer not to travel back home as it would be a waste of time having to serve the 14-day quarantine.

“Now is not the time to come back as it would be a waste of time to observe the long quarantine period. People prefer to stay at home than at a hotel due to the long quarantine period should they come back,” he said.

He said unless the quarantine period is shortened to just five days, then “Nobody wants to fly home unless necessary.”

Wong said in Sibu there are two hotels which have been operating as quarantine centre since June. -DayakDaily