SFC saves 48 crocodile eggs in Kuala Baram

48 crocodile eggs rescued by SFC at Kuala Baram, Miri.

KUCHING, Sept 29:  Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) Swift Wildlife Action Team (SWAT) have rescued 48 crocodile eggs in Kuala Baram, Miri. 

“Last Saturday, we received a phone call from a farm-worker, saying that he sighted a huge crocodile at the farm. 

“During the first operation, our SWAT team did not find any crocodile but spotted 48 crocodile eggs. However, the next day they managed to capture 9-foot crocodile using the hook and line method. 

“The eggs were later handed over to crocodile farm in Kuala Baram for further action,” said SFC in a statement.

Meanwhile, SFC said a man surrendered a python (picture below) found at his own house. 

Another man from Long Selaan handed over Bornean gibbon (picture belowto SFC Miri Regional Office (MRO). 

Both animals surrendered will be kept safe at MRO before releasing it to the wild. 

Crocodiles and phyton are protected species whereas Bornean gibbon or Wak-wak is totally protected under the Wild Life Protection Ordinance 1998. 

CEO of SFC, who is also the Controller of Wild Life, Zolkipli Mohamad Aton expressed his utmost gratitude to the public for their act of consciousness in protecting our wildlife. 

A 9-foot crocodile captured at Kuala Baram, Miri on Saturday (Sept 26, 2020).

He again emphasized it is better to keep wild animals undisturbed in the wild as part of the ecosystems. 

“What if they become endangered and extinct, our future generations will blame us for not protecting and conserving this precious heritage. Therefore, we all must play our roles in conserving the existence of our wildlife.” 

Anyone who has information on illegal wildlife activities is urged to call SFC hotlines – Kuching (019-8859996, 013-8110150), Sibu (019-8883561), Bintulu (019-8223449, 019- 8332737), or Miri (019-8224566, 019-8290994). — DayakDaily