Sensationalism or substance: Writer belittling Sarawak Premier called out by local activist

Letter to the editor. — file pic. // Photo by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Letter to Editor

By Zaaba Balia

The recent articles published by Nehru Sathiamoorthy in Newswav, specifically ‘When will Abang Jo’s luck runs out?‘ and ‘A challenge to you Abang Johari, if you are as great as you think you are’, demonstrate a dangerous trend in contemporary journalism: the exploitation of the media for personal agendas and the blatant disregard for ethical principles.


This response seeks to highlight the alarming nature of these articles, which represent not just a personal attack on Abang Johari, but a threat to the integrity of Sarawak’s political landscape.

Sathiamoorthy’s initial article, rife with insinuations and speculations, reeks of a calculated attempt to sow discord and incite public animosity towards the Premier. The inflammatory title itself, coupled with the lack of concrete evidence, suggests a pre-meditated campaign to undermine Abang Johari’s credibility.

While journalistic freedom permits critical analysis, the article veers into the territory of character assassination, employing subjective language and unsubstantiated claims to paint a negative picture.

The second article, published on 10 June, 2024, reinforces this suspicion.

Instead of engaging in constructive discourse or presenting factual information, Sathiamoorthy chooses to escalate the conflict.

The tone is aggressive and the language dripping with sarcasm, further fueling the impression of a personal vendetta. The blatant disregard for journalistic decorum raises serious concerns about the writer’s motives and the potential consequences of such reckless reporting.

It is disturbing to witness a journalist resort to such tactics, particularly considering the potential for these articles to influence public opinion and create unnecessary tension within the political arena.

The lack of accountability and the absence of journalistic integrity are gravely concerning, especially in a region where political stability is paramount.

By resorting to personal attacks and blatant misinformation, Sathiamoorthy not only undermines the credibility of his own work but also weakens the foundation of a free and fair press. The media plays a crucial role in holding power to account, but this responsibility comes with a heavy burden of ethical conduct.

It is imperative that individuals like Sathiamoorthy be held accountable for their actions. Failing to do so risks allowing such irresponsible journalism to proliferate, potentially leading to further division and instability within Sarawak’s political landscape.

The public deserves accurate and unbiased reporting, not sensationalized narratives fueled by personal agendas.

Zaaba Balia is a social and political activist.

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