Sarawak has bigger issues to address, Idris Buang to leave writer accusing Premier of picking fight to police

Dato Idris Buang

By DayakDaily Team

KUCHING, June 11: Writers with malicious intention are all out to destabilise Sarawak in every possible way including manipulating the opinions and perceptions of Sarawakians towards their leaders, opines Datuk Idris Buang.

In a personal statement today, he said the content created by these writers are meant to insult and disparage Sarawak’s leaders in the eyes of the world.

“Some so-called freelance writers or ghost writers who are loaded with devilish intent are all out to destabllize Sarawak in every way they could. To do this, they target our leaders.

“Their contents in social media are purely meant to insult, vilify, annoy and lower the value of our leaders in the eyes of the world,” said Idris.

In response to a content creator of a news aggregator website who claimed that he has been targetted by the Sarawak Premier Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Abang Johari Tun Openg, Idris said the writer appeared to have missed the point.

“The writer has jumped to a conclusion that he is the target of comments by Sarawakian leaders who have come out to offer facts disputing spurious online articles seeking to undermine Sarawak’s rights and downplay the efforts of the Premier to uphold those rights and secure Sarawak’s future.

“Somehow this writer has also surmised that Abang Johari has a vendetta against him. In his own words, he believes the Premier of Sarawak “has been picking a fight with me for weeks”.

“At best, this writer seems to have missed the points made by Sarawak leaders to rebut the uninformed comments online seeking to disparage Sarawak’s stand and the Premier’s efforts. At worst, he seems intent on insisting on a false narrative entirely of his own creation—for what purpose, is only known to him.”

The content creator had also written an earlier piece stating that Abang Johari’s achievements so far have been due to sheer luck and that his luck will run out soon.

He then came out with a second article, accusing Abang Johari picking a fight with him.

Idris said such an attitude may land them in trouble, as he was made to understand police reports had been lodged by Sarawakians against this author for a case of criminal defamation under the Penal Code.

“We would like to urge the police to investigate this author for his malicious writing that is clearly made out of sheer bad faith in order to injure the reputation of our YAB Premier of Sarawak,” said Idris.

“The fact is that Sarawakians were ignorant of their rights for decades, while the majority of Sarawak’s wealth and resources were funneled to fund the peninsula’s infrastructure and development. In return for our sacrifices, Sarawak’s own infrastructure and development needs were severely neglected and sidelined.

“Sarawak needs innovative and forward-looking leaders like Abang Johari to make a stand and insist that the scales used to weigh the dues owned to Sarawak are fair and balanced, and that restitution is made for past neglect and injustices inflicted on Sarawak,” he said.

Idris pointed out that Sarawak’s economy and administration are strengthening and improving with each year under Abang Johari’s leadership, which speaks volumes about the latter being the right man for the job of leading Sarawak and engineering a bright future for the State. — DayakDaily